Well, It’s The Holidays Again

As I grow older and hopefully wiser,, I realize that all my friends are aging and I’m actually getting younger. I guess it’s my Christmas miracle,, but it’s true.

I see friends whom I know are my age or near my age and they have gotten crows’ feet, age spots and put on a tremendous amount of weight. Yet,, for some unknown reason,, I’m getting younger.

I often wonder why. I often wonder how is this possible that those around me are getting older and I’m getting younger.

I can only say this,, just for me,, just for today,, I’m finding out that the mental outlook,, the season of joy,, the happiness is the reason of my youth.

I will no longer allow myself to go places where I can’t handle it,, I will learn techniques and methods to get out of the funk when I go there. That is what makes me younger each day.

Also, a bunch of surgeries, a bunch of therapy helps.

May each of you find that magical Santa Claus moment and never age.

Peace and remember to have a happy, joyous and free holiday.



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