Case or Cause?

There is only one letter difference between the two words,, but there is a world of difference in the handling of them.

You see,, some people have a case that can be settled or worked out and others have a cause that must be tried. End of story.

I recently had a client who thought they had a case and they really have a cause. The client was angry,, because in their mind, I suppose the case is very simple,, they have been wronged and they are entitled to get paid.

In truth,, the client has a cause. The cause must be tried and that’s all there is to it.

A cause is a statement for the public to see,, a case is a microcosm of a very small difficulty that can be managed, worked out and worked through.

A cause must be tried and a statement made,, a case can be settled.

A cause requires the entire effort of war and physical training equivalent to being in the Olympics,, a case is equivalent to a fight between people,, not to the death,, but to the finish.

A cause must be something that makes a statement and resonates throughout time,, a case settles and the litigants move on.

Anyway,, when a client has a cause and not a case,, the entire method of preparing changes and the entire resources of everyone involved must be mustered and trained for over and over again.

In a cause,, the client must work as hard as the attorney and in a case the client can relax more and allow the attorney greater latitude.

Anyway,, in the cause I wrote about,, the client did not understand the importance of the cause,, so the new attorney can perhaps make it a case and not a cause.



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