Training For Today

In war, as in times of peace,, one must train to remain sharp in what they are doing. I train now with an ever-increasing sense of urgency. A time and event is coming for me that will take the life out of me,, for something that will define me for whom I am for the rest of my life.

It is a trial. A foray into the arena of combat for stakes so incredibly high,, no one can see.

Some may ask,, why? Why kill,, why fight,, why?

Sometimes, it is whom we are. Sometimes it is who we fight. I know that in war,, there are certain people who fail to understand the cost of war. The cost of winning is tremendous,, the cost of losing is even higher.

So why fight? Why?

I can only speak for me,, and no one else. It is something that must be done in times when the opposition yields nothing,, barks very loud and threatens to bite.

Is there an all out frontal assault? How about a flanking maneuver? How about possum? How about one thousand other strategies? Just for me, just for today,, the battle will morph into something that has a life and death of its own.

A battle that will end when a jury or judge answers the questions placed before them.

A battle is not for the weak or weary,, it is for those who are strong and those who can endure the pain.

Training is a must,, training for battle,, it’s what I do.



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