Wow, War Looms

War is coming to my world soon. I must prepare. The arena is getting further and further away as I slack on my training,, and now,, it’s time to define me in the arena.

Through a series of events I can not control,, can not do damage control,, lives must be lost,, fortunes paid and the ever-present smells of fear,, victory,, defeat and sweat will permeate the arena shortly.

You see, game on,, war is looming.

In the end,, the story will be told,, the opposition will know not to fight again and the engagement of drama will forever be ongoing. The victory will not be for the others,, it will be mine. For once a warrior,, one can not hide. One can not train for battle and never go to war. One must fight sometimes,, rather than hide.

Today,, just for today,, war is looming and I must prepare. Those who read this blog,, I mean those who are going to be in the arena against me,, beware,, the truth will prevail and the war will result in great losses.

The difference is this,, the loss is not as you envision it,, the vision you have is yours,, can you bring it to life? Beware,, celebrate today,, but morn tomorrow.

Beware,, battle looms. Be ready. Be grateful today,, for tomorrow,, in the arena you will face yourself and lose.

I wish I could say peace,, but war is among us. Time to prepare. This is serious business and life is precious. Count your blessing today,, for tomorrow you will lose.




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