Hearing On The Death Penalty

In a court room in Houston, Texas,, a hearing begins this week on the constitutionality of the death penalty in Texas. The Judge, Kevin Fine, is a democrat in a very heavily laden Republican state and county.

Kevin is also not an ex-prosecutor,, he is a defense attorney by trade,, except he is very, very, very knowledgeable about Texas law.

It is unlikely that Kevin will be re-elected as a Judge next term,, but just for today and the next 2 or so weeks,, he may become the most important Judge Texas has ever known.

Now the truth of the matter is this,, Kevin will follow the law in that he may decide that the current law in Texas is unconstitutional and declare the death penalty unconstitutional.

Reverse roles with him just for a minute and image the pressure he has. He is signing his own death sentence by holding this ruling and if he rules against the death penalty,, he is an executed Judge. He will never hold elected office again.

It takes courage to hold a hearing on something that Texas does almost daily,, try people for death,, execute people for revenge and not look back.

I just ask,, what if the penalty is imposed on just one innocent man or woman?

Is it anyway to honor the deceased? By killing someone to honor their memory?

Recently,, a friend and client was executed by an armed robber in his store. A medical doctor who owned many convenience stores and loved to work there. My friend was killed in cold blood. I felt the sting of revenge and the fairness of the death penalty when this happened,, but then I wonder,, would my good friend and client have wanted this to honor his life? Would he have wanted his executioner put to death for the loss of his life?

I believe that he would say no and not want his executioner killed,, but life imprisonment without parole. A reasonable alternative. Death row,, no parole.



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