More On Profiling

Anyway,, I’ve been busy recovering from surgery and a few really bad days,, so I’ll continue the series on profiling. Now, it is also important to have a focus group to complete this exercise.

A focus group must be able to understand and share the emotions of the person who you want to profile. The focus group can be made up of damn near anyone, and usually the more,, the better.

As you warm the group up,, also warm and meet the person you want to profile by using role reversal, chair back and soliloquy. You will find that the individual you are wanting to know more about will come to the front and act the role. Usually the client is the person who has the most interaction with the person, so usually the client is the one whom becomes the person you want the profile.

I take a number of chairs and begin doing chair backs on emotions rather than responses and place a double in the role of the emotion. This may take 8 chairs,, it may take more,, it may take less.

After the emotion is complete,, you will find the final chair is also that of the 3rd chair,, always. Remember the 3rd chair from before?

As the client then turn his or her back on the chairs,, have each emotion speak as the emotion. Allow the client to feel the emotions as the doubles give them to the client and then have the client arrange the emotion properly in order, so that the profile is complete.

I have written this vaguely, because you must know what you are doing,, rather than just guess.

I’m certain that someone will try to use this against me in trial one day,, but be careful,,, if you do,, you open the door for the entire force of this method.

It will backfire on you, and allow the jury to see the entire package and the methods behind it.

May peace be with you today and every day as you go through your journey in life.



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