Profiling Continued

First, you must know about role reversal,, chair back,, and intuition. Yes,, all three of these ingredients are necessary to completely understand and do emotional profiling.

I know that many of you may think or feel that this crap is out there,, way too far out there and not worth learning about,, but there are those who just maybe interested enough to try something new,, to reach for something that is worth trying and winning.

I am quite certain that anyone who is actually trying lawsuits is looking for new things that allow you to win. For instance, David Ball has become somewhat of a guru in trying lawsuits,, ideas such as Rules of the Road, Reptile and other concepts have brought record verdicts to his camp and many people are now imitating his methods.

David also puts on seminars many times a year and has gathered quite a following. I can only imagine his methods were at one time unproven, untested and largely un-followed. Now,, I suppose,, he is one of the most followed trial attorneys in the country.

So,, why try emotional profiling? Why try something new and different? Why?? Sometimes, defense attorneys or prosecutors catch onto the “most recent methods” and learn to counter the moves of the smartest attorney with startling success. I have seen most of the new methods countered and most of the verdicts being returned for the opposition,, never for the “smartest attorney using the newest methods”.

I have now a method of winning that is impossible to counter,, impossible to defeat and possible to win very substantial verdicts for your client.

It seems to me that learning new methods is our responsibility as lawyers to our clients to tell the client’s story with the emotion that conveys the true meaning of the story.

So, now we can continue,, on to profiling. Here’s the deal,, profiling is something that will help you achieve your client’s victory,, but it depends on you the attorney taking some chances with the case,, the client and yourself.

It starts out like this,, one step at a time. One theory is placed before the audience and one seed of revolution begins to grow. One seed of revolution becomes many trees in an otherwise barren desert and then one barren desert becomes a forest of trees,, which translates into a tremendous victory for you and your client.

I remember Marvin Belli,, one of the greatest attorneys ever,, taking a chance and doing something so new that it drew the awe of the Judge and the opposition,, but brought the first million dollar verdict in California. One man,, taking a chance,, doing something original,, and winning big.

I am revealing this method as a tool to win. Those who have been to the Trial Lawyers College know about being yourself,, about finding yourself,, and winning for your client as you,, not as someone who you are imitating.

So,, let’s begin. One of the keys to this method is having the trust and willingness of your client to go the extra yard. The client must trust you as the attorney to do the best you can do and to show the jury the truth as told through the emotion your client experiences.

I am certain that as the attorney you have introduced your client to the contract,, the warm up and the confidentiality necessary to set a safe, worry free stage for telling the story.

If you haven’t,, start over and begin with the listening exercise and slowly move into the above mentioned exercises.

You should have an environment where the client is comfortable,, trusts you and is willing to work on his or her case with the ease necessary to direct the client through the scene and avoid the trauma often associated with a traumatic event.

Now,, tomorrow we will actually begin walking you through this method,,but make sure all the appropriate safeguards are in place before proceeding.

May peace be with you on your journey to win for your client.



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