Emotional Profiling

I know what you may be thinking,, or maybe more correctly,, I am able to know what you are feeling,, so here goes. Emotional profiling,, just what the hell is it and how can it make me a better trial lawyer?

Imagine if you can sitting at counsel table and reversing roles with the witness in the hot seat. Imagine how the witness may feel,, how the pressure of trial may affect their answers,, their emotions and their ability to answer questions truthfully.

I am reversing roles with the witness and feel several emotions running rampant through my very soul as I squirm uncomfortably under the cross-examination of the lawyer sitting at counsel table asking me damn near any question he or she desires,, twisting my responses and causing me considerable pain.

I feel various emotions of anger, fear, helplessness, power, calmness, joy, pain, empathy, and any other number of emotions that run consistently throughout my being while being drilled with questions and forgetting minute details that may lead the jury to my greatest fear,, that I am a phony or a liar,, or a _________.

Wow,, this reversing roles is powerful and quickly cuts to the chase. It allows the trial lawyer to become the witness and the Judge and the opposing counsel and whatever role the attorney needs to play in order to completely understand the case and the client’s story,, or more importantly,, the client’s emotion behind the story.

So, now moving into emotional profiling,, wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time how each witness is going to react to each question you as the attorney ask the witness?

Wouldn’t it be absolutely incredible to know how each witness is feeling as they face your questions. Imagine what you could do with this tool.

As I continue this story,, as I reverse roles,, as I direct the drama,, as I discover the story and more importantly the emotion behind the story,, I have an incredible need to know how the witness is doing,, how they are feeling and how they are reacting.

Tomorrow,, I will begin to show you how the emotional profiling is done and what amazing accomplishments happen when this method is put to use.

May each of you have a wonderful holiday and may peace be with you on a daily basis.



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