View Of A Life As Told By A Medicine Man

I don’t place much stock in medicine men,, although, I know that sometimes the visions they have come true. I remember reading several books about the native American medicine men and impressed how they use the earth and its many spirits to interpret things.

Usually, it is a medicine man who invokes the power of peyote and uses the drug to inspire visions and then interprets the vision for the patient. (Talk about the ultimate HMO). I suppose that many medicine men use animals or signs to guide them into what the meanings of the dreams are.

I suspect it may in fact be the drugs that give these doctors their vision, but I don’t know for sure. I wonder if many of the medicine men use their drugs for recreational use, or if they use regular stuff for recreational use?

Anyway, back to the story. I have been exploring the magical powers of story telling, of course without using the drugs,, and have found that a story is marked by several significant events.

Some events are tied directly to the client’s visions, his or her version of the story as seen through their own eyes, and some are tied to the visions of others,, witnesses.

What I see is this,, a powerful way to interpret the signs all around us to tell the story from the viewpoint of the client. It is often true that there is a villain, a hero, an event and several supporting cast members in any story.

All I do is use the senses, sight, sound, smell, hearing and touch to increase the tremendous power of the story for the benefit of the audience. Just remember,, the story always begins and ends with the client.

I use the techniques I have learned along the way to increase the ability to win. I use the powers given to each individual to draw upon their own inner medicine man to win.

When a story is told and the audience is placed correctly into the scene, act hunger occurs and the audience demands to become part and parcel of the action. The audience demands to be involved and hence they write the ending of the story just as the vision of the medicine men were used to tell of great victories in battles to be fought.

I suppose there is nothing magical about court and winning,, it’s just that in the end,, story telling is an art that must be mastered much as the medicine man gained the respect of the community by his knowledge, trust and wisdom.

If you are a lawyer and do not have the trust of the jury,, you will never win,, no matter what. Remember,, it is always important to show the jury just how much you care, before the jury cares how much you know.

May peace be with you today and throughout your life.



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