I am often asked what exactly do I mean by this phrase. I mean this,, when setting a scene to make it real for the jury or for the client,, make sure 3 items are described and set in stone.

I am talking about using the senses to set the scene,, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Using the 5 senses make the scene real for everyone. For instance,, here is a scene on a dark country road, suddenly a wild animal darts across the highway and ,,,,,

Another way to do this is,,

I am looking out over the two road rough concrete surface,, I smell a mesquite fire burning and hear the ominous howl of a wild coyote,, seeing nothing but the color dark,, feeling sick to my stomach,, like the time I swallowed a mouthful of saltwater,, I venture ,,,

Anyway,, all I’m saying is this,, when setting the scene,, make damn sure the scene is complete and the scene is real so all the actors and audience members are drawn into it and become a part of it.

May your day be filled with peace and joy as you journey throughout your time on this great big ball of dirt I call earth.



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