Soft Cross Examination

I am remembering a time when I am the greatest cross-examiner ever,, at least in my own mind,, and I totally destroy the opponent. Yet, I lose the case,, why?

I remember getting the person in the hot seat to admit to the most horrific acts ever and calling them names unfit for human beings, catching them in so many lies that even I lose count and still losing,, why?

I am increasing the pace of my questions, constantly increasing the tempo and rhythm as I destroy my opponent’s main witness,, yet I loose,, why?

I continue to make point after point after point against the witness,, yet I loose,, why?

I literally destroy the witness,, getting them to admit anything I want,, yet I loose,, why?

I have won some cases with this method,, yet the ones that should have been won as slam dunks I loose,, why?

I attend the Trial Lawyers College and learn about soft cross-examination. I begin to win.

I learn to advance my client’s story through the witness and begin to reveal the public face of the witness,, the let down your guard look and finally the very, very private face of the witness,, and I begin to win.

I begin to conquer case after case after case and win with this method.

Over and over, I win,, until I can’t see defeat anymore.

I say this as a lawyer,, it is the jury’s job to kill,, not yours.

May peace be with you each and every day of your life as you journey throughout your day.



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