The Group Is The Answer

I’m a big fan of the group. It’s so simple,, having the group solve the problems I encounter. I am certain that all members of the group are wanting to collectively act.

I know there are those of you who say,, one member of the group may do something different,, outrageous,, out of control,, etc., but for the most part, the group will act as one.

I often wonder what happens when the group does something different than what I feel. Does it mean that I’m not part of the group,, does it mean I’m out of touch? Or may it mean that the group has a different answer than the one I see.

If the group does something other than what you want as the attorney,, are you on the same page as them? Are you a member of the group?

Just a quick lesson for attorneys,, you damn well better be part of the group and not apart of it.

May peace be with you throughout your day.



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