So What If Form A Group Of Inclusion Rather Than Exclude Members?

I recall being the very last chosen for some sports team and believe me,, it is very painful. I recall being told not to bother applying because I wouldn’t get in.

These moments of rejection in my life make me who I am. I did not realize it at the time,, but I am a stronger person because of those rejections in my life.

Those moments of being excluded are very painful and can make a person feel the need to strike out in anger, fear, hate, or any other emotion. Do you really want those who are hurting in this way to damage your client?

I often marvel at other “attorneys” who tell me how successful they are in striking 35 members of the jury panel,, in fact,, I am guilty of doing that very thing.

So if I am so successful,, why didn’t I win?

Maybe, just maybe the rejection fueled the energy in the group to lash out against me and ultimately my client.

I’m just throwing this out here for those that care about finishing first in a 2 person race.

May peace be with you throughout your day and may your journey be one filled with contentment and joy.



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