So Can A Difficult Client Really Be Just A Reflection Of The Lawyer?

I often wonder if a difficult client can be only a reflection of a lawyer. I hear so many of my “lawyer” friends say words to the effect,, “that client is impossible,, you won’t believe how hard I worked and he / she didn’t take the deal,, etc.”

Is it really the client,, or is it really the lawyer?

When I am faced with a client that causes me pain,, I always look inside myself and know the problem is within me. I look into that God awful mirror and see myself in my client. I see something I do not want to face and know I have found the solution.

It is always something that bothers me that I don’t want to look at within me that tells me the “client is difficult”. I look inside and see what it is that bothers me,, the lawyer about the client.

It’s always, always an issue I don’t want to confront within me. It always is. I no longer question the client’s truth,, his or her own reality,, I question why I troubled by this. Why is it that I am afraid, angry, upset, etc., that causes me to feel this way. I realize it’s always me. It’s always me.

Sometimes, I retain what the client tells me and take it personally. I then absolutely know that it is within me that lies the trouble.,, not the client. I know I have work to do on that issue and I thank the client for pointing out that issue. For you see, it truly is a gift freely given to me by a stranger who is concerned about his or her future.

Sometimes, I fight this truth tooth and nail,, sometimes I find peace in it. I find peace in it when I embrace it totally,, completely and honestly.

I examine myself and reverse roles with the part of my body that is feeling the feeling,, the pain and say what does this part of my body say?

What gift will I learn from this? What blessing will I take away from this? I then know I must sit with that feeling and experience it. I must find where I am hurting and put it into action and words. I find out about me and why I am hurting.

It is always a gift to have a client that allows me to look into my inner essence and see myself in my own mirror. I stand naked in that mirror and embrace my imperfections.

I often wonder what place judgment has in my world of defending those accused of horrific criminal activity or those horribly injured by actions of mega-corporations,, and realize,, it has none.

Today, I accept those who give me gifts,, even the ones I’m initially uncomfortable with.

May peace permeate your day and my you find your own joy as you journey throughout your daily path.



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