And So There You Have It,, Fear and Trust

I am a big fan of the truth. What is truth for me, (or someone else) may be blasphemy for others. I firmly believe that.

I am getting ready today for an experience that truly baffles the mind. Magic is about to happen in a small conference room in New Braunfels, Texas.

A new client and a new attorney are coming to work on her case today. She is probably a little nervous, I suspect, because she is bringing not only her attorney, but a friend to work with us as well.

I often wonder what happens when people meet a new attorney for the first time in the settings we co-create here. I mean, here we are,, all together with no knowledge or allies, except my new client knows that she has her attorney and her friend and is meeting a new attorney for the first time. What must be going through her mind?

I reverse roles with her and wonder,, well maybe if I bring my friend,, it won’t be so bad this time around, she might think. Maybe,, she might think,, I’m a little curious about this process I’m about to undergo again with a different attorney.

I reverse back to my own space in my own body and begin to listen to my inner voice,, I hear myself saying I’m scared,, terrified,, all alone to meet this new client. I’m sitting here at my computer not knowing anything about the case or the client. I will hopefully be able to discover the story in this case. I hopefully will be able to discover the client in this story.

I reverse roles with the other attorney. I wonder why I feel I need to bring in another attorney when I’m a great attorney? Why am I getting help? Am I afraid? Am I terrified? Am I not trusting my client? Am I not trusting myself? I reverse back into myself and see myself observing the commonality in this group.

I reverse roles with the friend,, I become her and notice a new, different experience,, a complicated mess, and I’m here for support only. My friend would not ask me unless she is afraid, I might think. I’m curious with this process and I’m here to lend support.

I reverse back to myself and see myself observing all the roles that may be playing today and just want the courage to go forward and discover the story.

Remember, discovering the story is the single most important thing you can do for a client and for yourself. To see someone is to love someone.

May peace be with you today and every day of your life.



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