Miracles Begin In Preparation

Miracles begin with preparation, preparation, preparation and more preparation. I am constantly amazed that the miracles in life and in the court room begin with the client, center around the client and are always about the client.

If you are a non-believer,, then I suggest you leave room for the possibility that preparation is the key to success. I am certain that everyone can tell a story relating to winning something,, something that seems impossible,, yet it is achieved.


I ask anyone I know how can you win under these circumstances? How can you win with these facts? How can you win with your client telling you something you just can’t believe?

I say it all begins with preparation, preparation and more preparation.

I am certain that the truths we learn in life are the direct result of experience. So how is it possible that 2 people see the same accident and yet each one believes the exact opposite? He ran the red light,, no she ran the red light. I saw it,, I am certain and nothing you say or do will ever change my mind.

Yet each one of these folks has different results. One is believed,, one is ridiculed. One is the victor,, one is banished as being incorrect. They both see the exact same event, yet they are totally opposite. How?

I see the answer,, each is correct. Each is telling their own truth and each is correct.

So how do we know whom to believe? How do we know who is “right” and who is “wrong”?

The answer lies within the client. It does not lie in the facts.

I am certain that each of the people generally tell the truth,, tell the beliefs they have and firmly believe they are correct.

How is it possible? How is it one wins and the other loses?

Perhaps the answer belongs in the story-teller. The “lawyer”.

I am going on about too much and just say this,, in the end,, the single most important thing people remember is this,, you can change your looks,, you can change your mind,, but you can not change the way people think about you.

Always remember the high road is the most important road to take.

May peace be with you today.



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