How About That?

It seems on today’s date the most incredible magic is going to happen. The most mystical, incredible, miracle is now about to being.

Starting today, I will be working with a client preparing for another case,, another challenge,, another victory.

You see, in the end,, all that matters is the client’s story, period. All that matter is the client’s story.

I am quite certain that individuals that read this blog have decided either I’m crazy or correct.

I’m not crazy, I’m not arrogant,, I’m not anything but an individual who can tell my client’s truth.

You see,, that’s all that’s matters. I believe that the ability to win is up to the client,, and the ability to lose is up to the attorney. I find this to be true in all trials. The client is the key to winning,, not me.

So, today,, miracles begin,, miracles that have no explanation,, except magic happens in the court room.

May each of you find peace, happiness and joy in your life today and everyday in whatever you do.



One Response to “How About That?”

  1. craig Says:

    Great post! Client has power to win, lawyer has power to lose. Never heard it put like that. FYI you can be both crazy AND correct! (:

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