Don’t corral the horses in voir dire. Let them roam all over the field. They will love you for their freedom, and hate you once you are in the saddle.

I get this gift from a very good friend of mine in New Mexico and I love it. I have to share it,, even though I haven’t asked his permission to do so.

I am trying to help select a jury with a fellow lawyer from TLC and we are getting ready to begin discovering the story through our techniques that we learn in Wyoming at the TLC ranch.

I am certain I can win this case for the client because the truth is there, the facts are there and the law is there. But, is the client there?

I often wonder if the client can appreciate all the hard work and time and effort spent on preparing, preparing, preparing and then going into the arena.

If you win,, it’s because the case is so simple anyone could,, I might think. But the truth, at least for me is this,, I win the case because the client wins the case. The client’s story is the single most important thing ever you can learn as the attorney,, ever.

Let me clear this up,, the client’s story is the single most important thing ever. Not my story,, not my co-counsel’s story,, my client’s story.

I am now going to shift emphasis to voir dire. I am spending time learning about my feelings and then learning about my client’s so that we can connect.

Remember the above opening for voir dire,, it really is true.

May peace find you happy, joyous and free today.



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