Friday’s Tribe Meeting

At least once a month, our tribe of warriors,, graduates of the Trial Lawyers College gather to work on their cases,, help others or generally work on ourselves.

Today, I have the great pleasure of welcoming many new members to the tribe and hope they will be present to work.

I’ve invited others who qualify,, those who don’t work for government or insurance industry,, or even large corporations to join in the activity that develops as we begin co-creating a safe and friendly safe environment where we can work on cases or even ourselves.

We use methods that are foreign to other “lawyers” and we win more often and larger verdicts than those who don’t.

Inn our constant changing world of litigation,, we are on the verge of new and exciting methods of winning. We stand up to the government and large companies on behalf of those who are without voice and learn their story. We speak for them.

Anyway, I hope today is a great turnout and I expect tribe members to come and help.

Tomorrow, one of our own will want help for her client and we will be there for her and her client,, all without the expectancy of any pay. We do this because if our bond and our commitment to justice.

Do, here’s to s successful day,, filled with many questions and then miracles happen and solutions come.

May peace be with you in each of your lives and may you find happiness and joy, (along with justice ) in every thing you do,



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