Wednesday,, The Day Before The Big Test

I’m having difficulty in getting ready for my exam tomorrow. I’ve read so damn many dead and boring law books that it ain’t even funny. I miss Elmer Kelton.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the law were written by authors rather than lawyers, whom seem to only know how to say things like knowingly, recklessly, intentionally and with malice afore thought,, as opposed to malice afterthought.

Anyway, dead law books make one boring and I’m falling asleep reading all this crap that may be on the test.

I remember law school,, quill pens and pre computer times where actual speaking and writing was done by those who actually knew something else than the dead boring laws we have today.

Imagine a crime that starts with he who so ever steals another’s horse shall be hung.,, vs. the law today,, placing value on Trigger and then compensating the alleged criminal by cooperation with authorities to help himself. Unless of course, he commits perjury, or some other heinous crime in the telling of his tale of horse theft.

Ain’t it a miracle how much further we’ve come,, how many more trees we’ve destroyed and how much more justice is served by pigeon holing an individual who steals a horse.

Oh the days I long for Roy Rogers or Hop a Long Cassidy or even Gene Audrey,, horse thieving is to be dealt with in the quickest matter possible,, shooting the sum bitch, or maybe even hanging him.

I miss the old days,, days when the circumstances of the individual could be taken into account in punishing him,, not what some bean counter says is the right punishment.

If he belongs to a gang for criminal enterprise,, whatever the hell that means,, he is punished more. And if the sum bitch uses or displays a firearm or ammunition and is a felon,, oh well,, he’s history.

Anyway,, I miss the old days,, time where the punishment fit the crime,, not the crime fitting the punishment.

May each of you know peace in your life’s journey and have a wonderful day today.



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