I Missed Yesterday, Because I Didn’t Feel Good

I missed writing yesterday because I didn’t feel that well. I am getting around a little better today and I enjoy that feeling, however, my next appointment is Monday and perhaps I will be able to do away with my walker.

I have learned that my constant companion is annoying and although it keeps me stable and prevents me from falling, I am just tired of this medical device.

I am hoping that the car wreck will allow me to be sufficiently healed that I will not need my walker anymore and that I can finish the rest of my planned surgeries.

I still have both knees, my shoulder and my eyes left to go by the year’s end.

In the next year, I will literally have the body of a 20-year-old and I am looking forward to that. I arrive at that figure by taking my current age and then discounting the number of replacement parts I had put into me during this year,, thus the 20-year-old.

I am hoping that as I age,, the new parts will work better than the old parts and I’ll be doing things at 80 that others just can’t do because of their physical limitations.

Anyway, I hope each of you has a wonderful and joyful day and that peace and happiness fill your life on a daily basis.



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