Monday Is Court, But I’m Hurt

I’m supposed to be in Fort Bend County, Texas this afternoon for court for a client charged with a criminal offense, but I’m hurt. I still am suffering from the automobile accident I got I believe the last week. My memory ain’t as good as it is supposed to be or used to be,, so I’m not so sure what day the accident happened without looking it up specifically.

I will call the court this morning, fax them my medical records and go from there. I won’t drive 3 – 3 1/2 hours for court, then turn around and drive 3 – 3 1/2 hours back. I’m under medication and still sore as hell.

I hope this Judge will understand and allow me to reset the court date without appearing. One of the bad things about being a dinosaur, i.e., a solo,, is that there is no one else in my firm (me) that can cover court appearances for me. I don’t have any friends left whom I haven’t asked to attend for me and they can’t.

So there you have it,, I am at the mercy of the court and will call them later this morning and find out what I can do.

I’m stuck and that’s all there is to it.

May peace be with you each and every day of your journey and may you find happiness in everything you do.



2 Responses to “Monday Is Court, But I’m Hurt”

  1. Rosanne West Says:

    You can always crash at my place, no stings, I have a pretty comfortable couch and Im in the galleria area now, Let me know……I know what it feels like to be hurting……..inside and out……

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