Friday’s Schedule

I don’t even know why I make a schedule anymore. It will never get followed. About the only thing I do is wake up, eat, or actually drink my protein breakfast, then go work out.

Now today, I’ve got to finish several projects I’ve started and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get them done. I’m recovering from an auto accident and am still very sore and tired, so the most I can do is work a little bit then rest a lot.

I am suffering from injuries I received while I am driving my car and guess what,, they hurt. It is distracting that I can only concentrate for a short period of time, then I have to rest.

My workout consists of the steam room and some bicycling on the reclining bike. My work day is just completing one silly motion that takes all the time to type and re-read before I print it.

I get very, very, very tired very quickly and believe it or not, the number of misspellings I have is incredible. I can’t seem to hold a thought or type right since this recent mess.

Anyway, may peace be with you before I forget what else I’m trying to say.




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