Sometimes,, It Just Damn Hurts

I am traveling home yesterday from court and all of a sudden I get into an automobile accident. Out of nowhere, I am in shock. It’s been a damn long time since I’ve been in an accident and with my recent hip surgery,, a jar to my hip hurts.

I wonder if the pain I experience is from the worry, the accident, the recent surgery, the shock, or some other yet to be found out reason.

Maybe many of you readers might think I’m some sort of hypochondriac,, I’m not,, but the pain is more intense than the day before the accident.

I really believe I am in shock that this happens and as this wears off, the real pain begins to come through my body like waves of needles shooting poison miniature darts throughout my body. I am sore this morning,, more so than usual and I’ll call to see about what I am to do next.

I suppose that going to the hospital is in order,, or at least to the doctor,, then we’ll see. I don’t feel very well at all,, my right hip is hurting and I’m very tired from not sleeping last night at all.

Anyway, just when things happen,, they really happen. I am not planning to have to recover from hip surgery and accidents,, I’m planning to recover physically and mentally.

Oh well, there you have it,, sometimes it just damn hurts.

May peace find you today and may each of you be blessed with joy, happiness and life.



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