And So, It Is

I’ve often wondered why people say words that create finality without action. For instance,, that’s just the way it is,, or maybe someday,, or how about,, you’re worthless.

I can not believe that people have been conditioned to believe that the only way to survive is to accept the “rules” imposed by those in power.

We might as well get up every morning and say,, Good morning Microsoft. You are my God. What is good for you is good for me. I see great glory and salvation in your business dealings. I see great wisdom in you Sam’s and Wal-Mart. You are my prophet and you corporations are the ones to whom all glory must be given.

May each of those sinners who buy from Mom and Pop stores be condemned in hell forever and may glorious corporations rule this world forever. Salvation through monetary profit and we shall not rest until we take over the entire world.

May we use our profits wisely to buy more politicians, and may we fill the wavelengths with advertisements depicting how each of us must feel, dress and talk.

I wonder why people listen to this crap? Isn’t it the same with religion, talk show hosts, politicians, and CEO’s?

Whatever happened to individualism and individual thought?

May peace find you at rest with the corporate overlord,, or not.



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