I doing taxes and it’s tough. Earlier last year, someone, whom I know,, broke into my accounts and stole money. She didn’t cover her tracks at all and I was able to go to the bank and get the charges reversed. I am the victim of identity theft.

Now, I’m doing taxes. The banker and I closed this account and I kept the statements. I am now trying to decipher them and it ain’t easy. You see, the statement says check no., so and so written on a certain date for a certain amount, but does not tell me who it is written to.

Major problem. Even bigger problem is this,, the bank wants $2.00 per check to retrieve the photocopy of them. Why should I be the victim and then have to pay for it?



One Response to “Taxes”

  1. Rosanne West Says:

    Out Of all the people I know that shouldent have happended to you. I Feel like you should prosecute her if you know whom it is, we all have to pay for our mistakes. The 2.00 you have to pay just pay it she will have to pay a high price in the end some where down the end it is called “karma”. You have to do what you have to do to take care of your self right now even if if cost 2.00 a check. I am getting a kind of second chance in life and I see people everyday get there identity stolen. You just cannot leave your checks, banking info laying around, these people are professionals, file a fraud alert on your credit, file somethingwith the courts get a new social.

    But protect your information, your one of the best attorneys I know.
    Pay the 2.00 dont be tight. This is your credit and your life. THis is going to be a mess and a big headache. Change all your credit card numbers.
    I know what I am talking about. Watch your mail and try to keep one to two addresses okay. be careful who you let have your information.

    I work for a bank outsourcing co. I see this everyday. And you know me very well. trace your steps and God will help you.

    Ms. West

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