It’s Sunday again. I wonder how many Sunday’s I’ve seen in my life and right now I don’t feel like calculating that number. I remember sometimes waking up and wonder what in the hell I did last night and how in the hell did I get home and by the way,, who in the hell is this next to me?

I haven’t had those feelings in a while and am quite glad about that. This morning, it’s CBS Sunday Morning as a start for me. A relaxing type on the blog and a faint remembrance of those who criticized me for blogging. I have an incredible need to write,, to be seen, to be heard,, and this helps me do that.

I share experiences from my heart, my life and try to be seen as who I am, not who I want to seen as. Sometimes, the writing leads to new ideas, sometimes it leads to new journeys,, sometimes it just leads to memories without cameras,, just memories of my journey in my life.

I often wonder what the entire sum of the parts of me equal,, what is it I am? Who is it I am? Sometimes, these short writings help me realize the purpose I serve in life and sometimes, it helps me forget.

I am just on a journey with no script, except the one I direct. Sometimes the wounds of the childhood direct the script into something I don’t like and then through therapy,, it’s time to rewrite the script.

I just realized that during my journey I became more aware of the feelings and needs I have and look today for healthy ways to fill those needs.

I hear it is much easier to get to know the interests of 2 people than try to spend time getting them to like you.

So be it. May peace and love be with you in each and every day of your life and may each of you find peace and happiness in your journey.



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