Thursday’s Journey

Today takes me to my beautiful home town this morning for court,, New Braunfels,, then off to the glorious city of San Antonio for what they call the “rocket docket” for another client.

I am excited about going to court this morning and I’m up very early writing, reading, checking how little money is in the bank,, how many bills must be paid and the news in the cities of Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

I do love my current arrangement,, even though I don’t make the money I make in Houston. It seems that no one knows who I am, nor do they seem to really care just yet. I build law practices in cities by doing the same formula,, show up,, ask for court appointments,, get in front of juries and eventually my practice continues to grow.

I didn’t know anyone here before I go to New Braunfels,, now at least I recognize some of the same people I see over and over at the courthouse. It is only a matter of time before I begin to get in front of juries again and beginning to get better known in this community.

I really love it here and Houston is no longer a place I want to remain. I have nothing left there for me,, no family and just a handful of friends,, but nothing that ties me to that city. I grew up there practicing law,, enjoyed my time there and now,, it’s a new adventure. A new life for me.

This morning, I will go downstairs,, work out, come back upstairs and shave,, then go sit in the sauna / steam room for a few minutes. I then get dressed,, drive that incredible distance of 1 mile to court and park for free,, only to see my clients at the courthouse.

I  will then come home and get ready for San Antonio’s rocket docket and a jail visit for one or 2 or 3 of my clients there.

I hope peace is with you each and every day of your life and that in moments of stress,, you will be able to remember just one very important thing,, breathe, breathe,, and breathe.

May peace always be with you even in times when your world feels like it is falling completely apart.



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