So Wednesday I End Up In Houston

I get to Houston yesterday and go to court for a very troubling case for me personally.

I had to win and of course did, but it sure caused a lot a stress for me. More stress than usual and more feelings generated with the stress than usual. It involved a minor being charged with a case that meant a great deal to him, to his mother and to me.

For some reason, I take on the anxiety in this case more than any other case and really feel panic in my body. I am very happy that it ended successfully, but it sure takes a toll on me while the case is ongoing.

Anyway, today is a new day, less anxiety, less stress and less problems for me personally. It’s back to home and away from Houston for me. I only hope that when I return to Houston, the time of stress will not be present like it is yesterday.

Maybe, just maybe,, Houston is no longer a place I need to call home or be. I don’t know, I only know this,, I’m glad I’m finished with Houston today and can head back away from the sun to my new home,, my new life.

May peace  be with each of you in your daily journey and may each of you find your happiness and joy in our life.



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