Monday’s Tasks

It’s Monday and I’m off to court in New Braunfels to meet a client for his first court settings. Normally, I would see how much trouble he or she is in, by seeing what offer the state is willing to offer, but in this case,, I think I’ll wait until I get the discovery I’m entitled to from the state.

I suspect this case will be more difficult than most cases I’ve recently gotten as it appears to be a tougher charge of some criminal activity supposedly done by my client.

So, it’s off to court to deal with this latest adventure, then off I go to Houston for court tomorrow morning. I will be staying with one of my friends while I try to sort out some of my personal life.

Hopefully, I’ll be in Houston only a day or so,, then I come back here and continue to rehab my hip.

Well, that’s enough for today,, until tomorrow,, may peace be with you and your family each and every moment of your day.



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