Sunday’s Work Day

It’s Sunday and time to work. I get up,, have my coffee,, and sit at my computer and try to write something that I hope touches those of you (all 2 or 3) that read these posts.

It is a time to slow down and write what I feel, not some mindless agenda of political BS that seems to ever consume the minds of those addicted to that new God,, TV.

I listen in the background to CBS Sunday morning and then will watch Texas County Reporter,, dreaming of the places I want to go,, but don’t have the resources to go. I dream of seeing sites I see on this wonderful TV program and then think about the work I must do.

Fortunately,, right now,, just for today,, I am undergoing recovery from hip replacement surgery and the courts, clients and Judges have been understanding about my need to slow down and get better.

One day, I will be finished with my surgeries and then I can go back to something of my normal schedule.

I want to travel and now that I do not have a travel companion, I am looking for one. A companion who will go with me to places that I have never been before and just damn well want to see things and areas that I’ve never been before. I want to start in Texas,, then go to the 4 states I’ve never been to before,

Anyway, those are my thoughts just for today,, just as I hope someone will want to travel with me. If not,, maybe a tour like my mother used to go on,, hostel? Or some such group.

So, that’s my Sunday,, dreaming,, dreaming,, dreaming.

As an Native American chief once said,, my warriors will never work,, they must be free to dream,, for a warrior who never dreams never sees the visions of life and misses the journeys.

I hope to never forget to dream,, I might miss the journey in life I should take.

Oh by the way,, I might need some money to travel,, any suggestions?

May peace be with you in all your journeys and dreams.

Love and peace,, may it always be with you in your life and journey.



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