Friday, Work Day For The Tribe

I am blessed that today members of the tribe will be coming to my little place and we will be working on a case that one of the other warriors is bringing to work on.

It’s kinda neat,, we work with the client, we work with the warriors and we fellowship with each other.

I really look forward to meeting and seeing member of the tribe,, it appears to be the only human contact that I get deeply involved in today. I see people and clients on a daily basis, but unless you see and work with members of your tribe,, it is impossible to really bond with anyone.

I am closer to the members of the tribe than I am members of the public and in a lot of cases,, even my family of birth.

In the end, it is my job as a warrior to become the very best human being I can become,, thus becoming the very best trial warrior I can be.

Anyway, I just hope each of you find your tribe and may each of you have peace and happiness each and every day of your life on the great big ball of dirt I call earth.



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