Tuesday’s Activities

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m at work typing on my keyboard as fast as I can. I realize that bills are out there waiting to get paid, clients are wanting to be visited and courts are wanting answers for delays caused by me.

In truth, delays are caused by me. I am recovering from a very serious operation,, my hip replacement,, and the only cure is time. Time takes time, period.

I want to represent people who need representation, and I want to do the very best job I can do for those who voices are never heard, those who are never seen and those who are damaged and often times thrown away by society and what is left of our dwindling humanity in the way of human services.

It’s a shame that those who are sick, hungry and without hope can not get the help they need. Here’s a truth about me that I can say with 100% accuracy. I never thought I would ever need much if any help. I am wrong. I needed all the help I could get and when the time came, I got the help I needed. People stepped up and helped me in my time of crisis,, my time of need.

Perhaps in your life, you may be fortunate enough to never need any help whatsoever,, I wish you the best of luck and admire that misfortune has never hit you scare in the middle of your forehead. But just for me, just for today, I realize that help is something I need from time to time and I am blessed to have so many friends that help me.

So when it comes to helping those who are screwed by big government or large corporations,, I can understand the need for help,, the feelings of hopelessness and despair. I can appreciate the helping hand touching the very souls of those who are cast aside by society.

You see, in the end,, isn’t it our job to be the best we all can be? Isn’t it true that most people will feed a stray dog or cat before they bother donating to any charity? Isn’t it true that from time to time,, someone we know needs help?

Why not be there for them? Why not help within our abilities?

May peace always be with you and may you find eternal happiness and joy in your journey in life.



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