Wow, It’s Sunday

So here it is Sunday morning and I’m up writing and getting ready to do some work. I am alone here this morning and soon I’m going to get into the steam room after I totally wake up.

My hip surgery is recovering nicely and the hip precautions are still in place,, but in the end,, I’ll have a new hip and new knees and a new shoulder along with my stomach and all my hernia fixed.

I can’t wait until I’m the new-made over man with new parts or at least the old parts fixed. It’s exciting for me to live this way right now. I’m starting all over again,, with new hobbies, new friends and new interests in my journey.

I am realizing that at least 1/2 of my life is over and the best I can do is actually live the rest of my life free from prisons of my own making. I can’t wait.

I know this in my life,, the prisons I’ve created can also let me be free if I so chose,, the prisons can wall me in or they can let me live in today and hope for a better new way of life. So be it.

May each of you have and know peace and love in your life and may each of you set yourself free from each of those prisons we all create.



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