I Guess I Should Write Something Today

Well, I’m up very early because of the medicine I’m taking and my physical therapist comes in at 9:00 A.M.,, so I guess I should write something today.

I don’t even know what to write about,, I just know it’s time to write. I guess that today, I need to go to the drug store, the dry cleaners,, and the mail box. I just hope there is a check waiting for me there and not more bills.

Anyway, I’m still recovering from my hip surgery,, the staples were just removed yesterday and I’m feeling better. I suppose that shortly I’ll be dancing the jig,, but just for today,, just for now,, I’m increasing my walking and therapy exercises so that I can get better.

It is soon time to do more surgeries,, especially on my knees, shoulders, and eyes,, but as for now,, I think I’ll work on recovery from my recent hip replacement.

I have a very small scar,, (is this too personal) on my leg,, hopefully it will be hidden by a swimsuit. I just know what the doctor told me. He said this is one of his best surgeries he’s ever done and I believe him. My hip feels better and other than the tissue cut (muscle) there’s no more pain in the hip.

As I understand it,, I’m one of a very few people in the US who has this new type of hip. This hip replacement has been in use in Europe for years, but it is recently approved in the US.

It seems the ball of the hip is bigger and better than before,, so it is harder to dislocate,, but more importantly,, the stability is tremendous. I also have had my right leg lengthen a bit,, so it feels better to walk. I may be limping for a while, but in the end,, I won’t.

I saw the replacement on x-ray and it looks really cool,, now on to rehab.

Anyway,, today’s gonna be a great day and I look forward to more and more better days,, (this is the result of years of English training).

So as I ramble,, I recover. As I recover,, I get stronger to face the day-to-day struggles of building a new practice in a new town.

May each of you have a great day and may each of you be pain-free forever.



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