Ok, So Parody Didn’t Work That Well

Yesterday, I write about the “coffee party” and guess what,, not very positive responses. Today, I write about the real threat to our constitution and life style,, large corporations, insurance companies and banks.

It is amazing to me that the very same people who show up in Washington D.C., for a rally conducted by someone who is playing with so outrageous claims that the public actually listens and follows like lap dogs.

I often wonder if the public really understands the concept of danger, or if they are lulled into a sense of security by reporters on TV who make demigods out of idiots who can’t name one supreme court justice. It’s a damn shame that the things I grew up doing are now mostly crimes and require life long registration or some other archaic torture.

I often wonder how gullible the public has become,, I mean after all,, if you write enough on the internet, someone is bound to follow you and your beliefs. In my case, my last blog became the largest read legal blog in the country in a very short time. It’s scary. I wonder if I preach violence, sadistic morals and death to all non-believers,, just how many lunatics will I attract in a short period of time?

What if Fox News were to pick me up as a commentator,, and my agenda included hatred, violence, and immigration reform? Would I be a celebrity in a matter of moments?

It scares the hell out of me to think that this is in fact happening right now, in real-time,, right before our very eyes. And the saddest news is this,, the public is buying it.

Tort reform, bailouts and bonuses for executives.

WOW, what a trip. Maybe,, I’ll get a gig on Fox news as the official spokesman of the “coffee party”, (another attempt at parody).



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