I’ve Changed My Writing Style

In this, my third or fourth attempt at blogging,, I’ve come to realize that my style is changing. I no longer dive off the deep end to tell the truths that make me who I am,, I no longer make the novelist in me come out and humor attack the very essence of humanity. I no longer speak of the tragedy of being homeless,, I just write.

I wonder why the evolution and why the political rhetoric isn’t stinging,, why the cleverness of the subtle points compelling the masses to follow any crazy leader who decries that the other party is absolutely the devil reincarnated. I wonder why the social commentary on the ailments of humanity aren’t gathering the front page news and then I realize,, I’m evolving.

I no longer rally for the causes that enrage the public opinion,, I no longer strive to arouse the inner most consciousness and morality of the readers and conversely,, I no longer have the numbers of readers I used to have. I can say this,, at one time I was the largest read legal blog in the country. To me that’s amazing,, simply incredible.

So why is it I’ve evolved into this non sensational cutting edge blog? I say this,, I’m in a period of remaking,, a period of rebirth. I am no longer well know in the area I am in,, I am no longer recognized by most people in the street,, I am just me journeying through my life.

In the end, my passions change,, my habits change and my believes change. I still stand very strongly for the underdog, the little guy standing all alone against the giant corporations, the impressive government and other very large institutions whose only demand is profit, profit and more profit.

Today, I still can’t get my way,, my favorite author is no longer alive, (Elmer Kelton) and my life is a new microcosm of the grapes of wrath. I just wonder where it goes from here, where my journey will take me.

I only know this, very, very, very shortly I will again under the surgeon’s knife and have a new hip. A new beginning for an older man again.

It is always been my saying, since attending the Trial Lawyers College, work on the horse not buying a better saddle. This year is my year to physically work on me, not buying a new saddle. Maybe that explains the change in writing style,, maybe not.



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