Maybe It’s Time For A New TV

I’m old school. I have an old TV that isn’t flat screen, isn’t high-definition and certainly isn’t big. I suppose some males equate the size of their TV to their ego or some other body part,, I don’t.

I really don’t know a damn thing about TV’s,, but I’m learning about them. I found out that a LED TV is supposed to be better than a LCD TV. I found that some plasma TV’s are better than some LED or LCD TV’s.

I don’t know. I can only remember that the first TV I started watching was black and white and had a very small screen. I remember the first color TV we got and frankly we kept it for quite a number of years before it went out.

I remember the first TV I bought in law school,, it was a Zenith. I don’t think they even make these TV’s anymore. Kids today don’t realize the moon landing was watched by me in black and white TV and I suppose the idea of a new large screen TV appeals to me.

I am doing some research and find out that the TV I am looking at is “old school” technology,, but it is a hell of a lot better than the small TV I have.

It’s kinda like getting a bicycle after walking for a while,, you appreciate it very much for a period of time, until you realize the Ferrari is an even better mode of transportation.

In the final analysis, 3-D TV is what is coming out and I’m not will to spend $5,000.00 or more dollars just to get the latest and greatest TV,, until a week or 2 later when the next model comes out. I am however willing to spend a few dollars just to improve my present TV that is strangely turning purple on most, if not all of the screen.

Anyway, there you have it,, a situation I can’t win. I buy the latest and spend billions or I spend very little and get a TV that will do.

Being older and frugality has its advantage.



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