Trial Looms

I have a trial set shortly and I am not ready because of the surgeries I’ve been having lately. I am asking the court for a continuance in this case and hope the Judge will grant it.

I remember in Houston when I had several trials in the same week set, I would be able to get a continuance because I was very active in the legal community and usually the Judges knew my trial schedule.

Having just moved to this area, I am not sure how the Judges will react to an attorney filing a continuance, however I need to ask for the resetting of this trial as I am not ready.

I do not anticipate a problem with this as I have a legitimate reason for extending the trial date,, and I know in the end, the client must have his or her date in court. I also know that in order to have his or her date in court, I need to be at 100% and not having to worry about recovery from surgery.

Many years ago, one of my very famous mentors used to have a doctor on staff who would admit him to the hospital whenever he wanted. I suppose that lawyer was able to get a continuance because he was in the hospital. I do not believe in that,, however, when I’m not 100% physically or mentally ready, I’m sure I’m not effective as I need me to be to win the case.

So there you have it, the need of the client to have his case heard versus the need of my health,, is this a conflict?



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