Today’s The Day To Work On Discovery

I’m involved in a civil case and today is the day I start working on discovery for the client.

Discovery is the process by which attorneys literally ask questions and seek documents from the opposition in their client’s lawsuit.

I expect that the defense will lodge objections to almost every discovery request I send to them,, requiring me to waste time in court just getting an answer from the other side to questions I ask.

Usually, insurance defense firms want to paper work you to death. It seems to be an honor to see how many tress these firms can kill in an effort to bill their clients hourly.

You see, in order to survive the big law firms must make money and they make money by representing companies who can afford to pay them on an hourly basis.

It used to be that big law firms charged whatever they wanted to,, however today, the insurance companies have stopped paying the high hourly rates in favor of paying less and less to these firms on an hourly basis.

Now on my side, I only get paid if I win the case. I do not get hourly wages, I just get a percentage of the result,, so it is my desire to get the best result for my client I can. That way, I get more money.

So here’s the game,, each side wants to make money and the other side will only make money if they kill trees. They usually expect me to object to their discovery requests and then they file a motion with the court to over rule my objections and charge their client more hourly fees to do so.

I usually don’t object and give them everything they ask for because then they don’t get to go to court and bill their client money for this work.

My distinct goal is to prevent law firms from making money and for me to win a large verdict or settlement without having put a tremendous amount of money in their pockets.

Just remember, it used to be that each side would allow the other side to make money,, defense would bill their clients hourly and I would collect on a percentage award of the damages to my client.

It ain’t that way now. If you as a plaintiff can win and not put money into the pockets of the defense firm, you not only get paid, but you help show these law firms how they are on the wrong side of the aisle and as I always say,, hitting them in their pocketbook is the only way to teach them a lesson.



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