Wow, Law’s Fun

I often say that practicing law is fun and today it is. I used to not be able to say that for many reasons, but for today, I will say law is fun again.

I suppose that by making this statement, I am opening myself to a tremendous burden and do not know how to explain this fact. But in the end law is still fun for me.

I enjoy the thought of rebuilding a practice again from scratch in a new area and have gone back to the basics.

I always go back to the basics. In my area, the first thing I have to do is get in front of the jury so that opposing counsel can see exactly how impossible it is to beat me.

I usually accomplish that by doing court appointments. From the basic beginnings come better and better retained cases and then all retained cases until I decide whose case I want to do pro bono.

Anyway, it’s just a method for building a business again, one model that has worked for years and years. Along the way, I also do some plaintiff’s work and thus over time,, a new business.



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