In Houston

Well, I’m here in Houston or more tests and actually, a trial on Monday. I am not trying the case to a jury, just a Judge, who I respect and will of course, be fair.

I only want a Judge who listens fairly and then decides on the facts of the case,, not because he or she “knows” the other attorney. I know this Judge and he listens and reads the law and then decides.

Sometimes, I go and watch Judges just to see who they are, how they conduct themselves and what they will allow me to do or not do in trial.

I suggest that if you are an attorney, you might just want to go and see for yourself the performance of the Judge or even the other attorney if possible before any trial.

I often wonder what would happen if any of my “friends” became Judges,, would that matter. I hope the only thing that would matter is that over time, those Judges would allow me to present my case for my client and not try and hand-cuff me.

Anyway, just beware of those attorneys that tell you “they are fishing buddies with the Judge / DA”, or words to that effect. You may meet someone else who is even better buddies than your lawyer.

Go into court knowing that sometimes, Judges, like everyone else, are human and sometimes, like everyone else,, their personal beliefs come out.

Remember to reverse roles with the Judge and become him or her,, the light will go off in your head and the actions of the Judge will not alarm you as much.

I hope that something in this post will help you become a better lawyer or even a better person,, for after all,, isn’t that our real goal?

Anyway, hope everyone has a nice day and remember to reverse roles with those you don’t understand.



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