Criminal Defense Or Criminal Offense?

I am often asked by those who desire my abilities to “go on the offensive”,, to “take on the government for persecuting me” and words to that effect.

I am always amazed at the dual personality people acquire when they themselves become accused of a criminal act and then want to fight it “to the highest court in all the land”,, just to prove their innocence.

I listen very intently and usually hear something like this,, “I’m scared as hell and don’t want to do any jail time at all.”

I have learned over the years and since attending the Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming run by legendary attorney Gerry Spence,, that listening is the most important skill a trial lawyer can ever possess.

I sit behind the client, whenever possible and just hear what the client is really saying,, put it into words and give the talker time to accept, reject or change into their own words what I’ve just heard.

I’m amazed at the time it takes for people to warm up to my process,, it is so different than any other process anyone has ever undergone and once they do,, they bond immediately and our relation becomes easier for me and them.

You see, trust is essential when choosing an attorney, doctor, or just about anything. If I have no confidence in my doctor, lawyer, electrician, etc., I will never completely resolve my problem.

I say this and not much more,, if you have an attorney who really listens to you,, keep him or her. If you think they can listen,, don’t ask them to recite exactly what you just said,, have them put into their own words what they hear you say and then accept, reject, or correct the attorney until he or she gets it right.

After all,, how can you properly defend someone if you can’t walk in their shoes and understand their pain.



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