And So,, Surgery It Is

Well, the surgeon does a whole bunch of tests and guess what,, the right hip has arthritis and ain’t gonna get any better.

I’m stuck with the idea that surgery is very, very, very appealing to me. I suppose that sometimes a doctor in a big city may be more qualified, but then again,, sometimes a lawyer who has a name may not be all that good.

I’ve been seen by “all the best” hip doctors in Houston and every one of them tells me there is something wrong with my hip. Everyone says I’m too young to have the hip replacement.

I don’t agree. It is 2010, not 1989 anymore. Medicine has advanced, not slipped back to the ages of chants and herbs and spirits.

I take blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine and over the years, the amount of medicine I take is less and less.

I had the hernia surgeries done and guess what,, I feel better, I’ve lost weight and I don’t have the pain I used to have.

Now then, the relation of medicine to law is this, sometimes, when you have a medical injury,, you go see a doctor. I suggest when you have a legal injury,, you go see a lawyer. preferably one who has graduated from the Trial Lawyers College, if you are that lucky.

Hope you all have a wonderful peaceful day.

Peace from paradise


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