Hey, Maybe It’s Time To Post Again

I am sitting at my computer and beginning to wonder why I am able to post again after so long. I have cleared my ability to post and maybe it’s time to post again.

Anyway, here goes. I survived a series of internal surgeries that have caused me great pain over the years and now I have extreme pain in another area I am aware, but did not fully focus on because of the other pains I have.

I guess it goes something like this,, fix one area and another area pops up. I’m okay with that and beginning to understand my body again after years of neglect. I mean, hell, I’m older, and the things I used to do,, I simply don’t do anymore.

So, here’s the deal, it’s time to go to the next area of my body that hurts and see if it can get fixed so I don’t have the pain I used to have on a daily basis. No pain = sleep to me.

I have hip trouble and it seems when I exercise my lower body,, legs,, the pain is very intense. So, today, I visit an orthopedic surgeon to examine what it can be.

In my mind a solution is a total hip replacement,, however, realistically, medication or perhaps something less drastic is in order. Today, xrays, maybe an MRI, then we’ll see.

One thing bad about my insurance company is not having the pharmaceutical benefits I used to have,, one thing good is I’ve met all my deductibles, so let’s get my body examined from head to toe and fixed.

I hope you all have a great day and remember to let the adult in you make the decisions, never forgetting to listen to the child and the teenager.



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