I’m Still Sleeping A Lot

It’s true,, bad meds or lack thereof, do not make a person well,, only sleep and rest. I have been doing that,, sleeping 12 or more hours a day, trying to get back on track.

I am very serious about the lawsuit for the fellas who shafted me on my meds and wonder if the long-term effects of no blood pressure medicine is horrible.

All I know is this,, I’m pissed and because I have a voice,, I will speak loudly and be heard.

If you are one who has caused the great medical crisis issue in 2010,, be afraid of my pen.

Angry at those who profit from those who they don’t expect to speak.


One Response to “I’m Still Sleeping A Lot”

  1. Rosanne West Says:

    I feel your pain, sometimes I feel like I take a pill for everything!

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