And So It’s Fort Worth After A Night In The ER

I’m now in Fort Worth waiting for a hearing after spending time overnight in the er room. What a nightmare.

Those bastards at the insurance company don’t understand that it is much easier to approve medicine than to pay for er treatment, or they don’t give a damn.

I know this,, I wonder if the agent who switched me over to this policy when Unicare stopped writing in Texas would have gotten paid if he put me in the high risk pool instead of limiting my benefits of medicine,, i.e., pills that keep me alive for which there are no generics.

I also wonder if the commissioner of insurance, (an appointee) is responsible for allowing BCBS to take over Unicare’s policies in Texas (maybe 100 million dollars) if he receives pac money from them or not. I wonder if even he got anything or if he was told to “rubber stamp” the approval of BCBS taking over Unicare.

I wonder if pac money isn’t funneled to a political organization to avoid disclosure then.

I’ll say this,, 45 or more days without life-sustaining medicine sucks and because I’m a lawyer,, I’m sure as hell fixing to invite these fellas into a more formal room to have them answer questions about this issue.

War, not peace.


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