Another Chapter In Truth

I often wonder how much of the truth people can really handle. I often say that those we dislike,, we actually see in them things we dislike about ourselves and don’t either change or want to change.

I say this with complete conviction,, therapy is good, no matter the form, content or results.

I am undergoing a radical new therapy that quite frankly makes psychodrama look like the pony express when compared with warp 10 therapy of another type.

I love psychodrama and use what I’ve learned in the trials, but the new warp speed therapy is something I’m just figuring out how to use and when I do,,, watch out.

Anyway, happy Sunday, I spend last night in the ER because of the fucking blood pressure issue and those fucking insurance companies.

I’m getting ready to file the lawsuit against them and I’m wondering if anyone out there knows if I can sue the commissioner of insurance or does he have immunity even from disclosing pac money contributions?

Let me know,,,, peace.


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