And So Is This The End?

I often wonder why I fall asleep after intense therapy but I realize,, essentially, my brain is being rewired and it’s exhausting to me. Sometimes I guess the number of people I meet will never understand me and I guess that’s my problem not theirs, but all in all, it’s really mine and theirs.

I mean, in the end, there are those who feel they are never understood and there are those who feel insulted when they feel people don’t understand them. I just know, just for me, sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I’m sick and sometimes I have difficulty in paying attention. Ever have a parent die and then have to try a case?

I wonder if those who feel the need to be heard also have the need to be alone or have ever felt that way? I guess the ultimate answer is acceptance,, that of being comfortable with my own skin even if others aren’t.

So, why not sleep when the president is talking,, don’t you need that,, or does he feel that isn’t meeting his needs,,, well what about mine? Aren’t they important also?

Peace or not.


One Response to “And So Is This The End?”

  1. Josh Says:

    Get your rest, Bro. Salvation through hard work, Love is the solution, and you are a Good Man. Call me one day.

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