Austin, Texas And Therapy

It’s amazing the amount of therapy that I undergo. I am waiting to meet one of my therapists at 7:00 and go into session. Is this a bad thing? I mean has anyone ever overdosed on therapy?

I suppose there are those who say something like,,, “it’s just not normal having that much therapy” or words to that effect. This message seems to be hauntingly familiar to those that who say to our school children,,, “how to speak English gooder”.

Anyway,, someday, when I’m in trial and winning against those who question the automobile or telegraph,, there will be those that say,, “Wow, it’s really cool to dig that deep into yourself and explore who you really are”.

Anyway, there are those who also say,, intuition doesn’t have it’s place in trial. I wonder,, do we bond with those that are similar or those that are different?

In the words of the great philosopher, It’s better to ride into battle with a thoroughbred than a $10.00 nag with a $10,000.00 saddle, (unless both die).

So, what’s wrong with too much therapy? Peace.


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